How We Work

How the Platform 1 programme can work for you.

You have the option of working with one of our advisors or one of your own, and our process is designed specifically to meet the needs of you and your business.

The Process.

1. Meet for an informal discussion.

Contact us for an informal discussion.  We will introduce you to our Ownership Transition model and explain how Platform 1 can support your business objectives and personal goals. We will provide case studies and examples of how the programme works.

We will probably have several meetings as we talk through the opportunity and you take the time to understand the best options to meet your business and personal objectives.

2. Start the transition planning process.

We undertake a thorough assessment of your business, its potential and how this fits with your personal and business goals.

3. Develop the road map.

This is a critical part of the process. It includes a summary of our findings and a clear outline of the steps you and your business should take towards achieving your personal goals. Your Platform 1 Partner will work closely with you here.  Part of this road map is a business valuation and agreement on the equity model for releasing capital.

The new manager comes on board but may not take equity immediately. Essentially they have an 'agreement to agree' contract, for a transition that will happen usually 6 to 18 months later. This allows the opportunity for both parties to be comfortable with the relationship and the parameters around which the business is moving forward.

4. Find the right experience and leadership to take your business forward.

Platform 1 offers a proven specialist search service to help you find the right talent to implement your action plan.

The process could take several months and you will be closely involved in the drafting of the position description and the matching of skill sets to find the very best person to work with you and drive the business forward.

5. Bring on board new management.

We support all levels of the legal and employment process using existing templates based on previous Ownership Transition programmes we have successfully managed. We have the resources to provide expertise on everything from key man insurance to capital raising.

6. Helping to manage the transition and the business.

Your Partner support will help manage a smooth process, right through to the equity transition whilst contributing to any strategic considerations of the business as requested by the shareholders. It is a requirement that an Advisor or Advisory board structure is in place to oversee this transition.

To find out how well the Transition Platform has worked for other owners, please read our client success stories.

Success Stories

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"We are impressed and delighted with the outcome. An extremely successful commercial arrangement and we are indebted to you for this initiative."

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