Welcome to the Q2 Platform 1 2016 Update for business owners and companies that advise or service the SME market.

What We Do

Platform 1 assists private business owners progressively sell-down their business by identifying and engaging a new Leader who will gradually take equity. We have developed a process around this to ensure a positive outcome for both the existing and eventual new owner.

This process results in greater returns through the incoming hungry Leader growing the business. The existing owner can step back from the day to day running of the business while still receiving dividends and higher capital returns.

Key Market Trends

The recently published KPMG Report 2016 highlighted the fact that in mid-market businesses succession planning does not always get the attention it requires. With the Baby Boomer generation looking towards retirement we expect this to become a major issue as they look to exit.

  • 41% of business owners expect ownership changes over the next 5 years
  • 40% say that succession planning is a problem for their business
  • 10% only of these business owners have a succession plan
  • 49% have trouble finding a suitable successor

KPMG Report 2016
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Medium Sized Businesses Lack Planning

Most medium-sized businesses either have no formal plan or are planning only for the short term, a survey has found. (Read more)

Making a difference in Regional New Zealand

Platform 1 has expanded in the last two years with a Wellington office in 2014 and now a dedicated Bay of Plenty /Central North Island partner (Paul Naske) in early 2016.

Leadership transition is a particularly critical issue in Regional New Zealand.
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