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Selling your business is an emotional decision. For many, it used to be the only option they were aware of, or able to take. Today this is no longer the case.

For a number of business owners, a gradual sell-down and stepping back to focus on other initiatives or personal interests, has proved to be a better path to optimising value and reducing risk. Your existing business could become the best medium or long-term investment you can make .

Our track record of success has allowed owners to reap rewards both personal and financial over an extended period, and far in excess of what they could have achieved by simply selling their businesses.

  • Some owners enjoy a lifestyle outside the business with on-going and growing income, plus have free cash.

  • Others continue to work in the business doing what they enjoy, but sharing the load with a talented manager who continues to grow the company.

  • Some have stepped back to an advisory role and enjoy watching the business go from strength to strength under new management.

  • Others have exited completely over time, but increased their return substantially, while maintaining an interim income.

Each business owner's goals are different and unique - as will be your Platform 1 programme.


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