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A fresh wind in their sails

A fresh wind in their sails

  • May 18, 2017

This client is recognised as making the world's best yacht masts, booms, rigging and componentry. It produces solutions for both racing yachts and super yacht clients internationally and in New Zealand. The spars are very high tech and use the latest in carbon fibre technology.

The problem 
The manufacturing process was often 'bespoke', with one-off jobs demanding specific design technology and manufacture. The products were manufactured to the client's requirement and often required specialist machinery. A more cost-effective, production line approach was needed, with specialist operational skills and systemised manufacturing. However, there was no consensus from the Directors on the way to achieve this while still meeting current clients' demanding specifications.

The opportunity 
Once we were clear on the business challenges, it was determined that what the company really required was a person who acted more like a partner than a traditional CEO. That is, someone with a unique and specialist skill set, able to work alongside the Executive Directors with complementary skills, experience and attributes, but also able to bring specific abilities to the challenge in hand. 

A senior manager was sourced from outside the marine industry. The new partner fitted in as a peer of the other Directors and undertook many aspects of the business that the other Directors did not want to do, or felt they could not do well.

The result 
The reputation of the company for product quality and on-time delivery soared. Manufacturing efficiencies improved dramatically, along with cash flow and profitability. Its global reputation as the number one spa maker in the world has continued to grow. The company tripled in size in just three years and remains a substantial New Zealand exporter.