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For Accountants, Advisors and Bankers


We recommend that accountants, advisors and commercial bankers are closely involved in the processes that clients work through with us. As a result, we have forged close relationships with these professions and often receive client referrals from them.

The result is a strong partnership. Platform 1 does not complete business valuations or provide financial operational advisory services, so the relationship with accountants, advisors and bankers remains critical.

One thing we’re clear about is the importance of existing professional relationships remaining in place. The Platform 1 process reinforces existing professional advisor relationships which can be in jeopardy under an outright sale process. 

When Platform 1 finds a talented person to buy into a business, typical conversations with existing providers include:

  • funding opportunities with the incoming owner
  • the setting up of an Advisory Board
  • business expansion resulting in more compliance and advisory work and debt funding