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Are you sitting on untapped wealth and opportunity in your business? Wealth that won't be extracted if you sell your business outright? 

Maybe you still enjoy working in your business but want to work on the parts of the business you enjoy or are good at? Or do you simply want more free time? If you are committed to leaving a strong legacy behind you don't want to leave it to the wrong people. A professionally facilitated business owner transition could be what you need. Achieve your goals through Platform 1 finding a talented person to work alongside you, help grow the business and buy you out gradually.

With Platform 1's expert business succession planning, you can enjoy the future you've always wanted.


Tiring of day to day management and looking for a better lifestyle?

We’ll help you get positioned to work only on those parts of the business you enjoy or where your skills are most valuable. At the same time, we’ll help you plan and implement a staged exit that delivers you more wealth than an outright sale could ever achieve.

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Would a talented leader with energy and complementary skills help grow your business and maximise your wealth?

Does your business have opportunities that you haven't yet been able to capitalise on? A fresh injection of talent and capital could take your business to the next level and achieve its potential.

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Not exiting but would an injection of capability and equity assist your growth plans ?

Bringing a skilled person with capital to work in your business can often help take it to the next level and make your vision a reality.

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