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Find a Business Partner To Help Grow Your Business


Entrepreneurs have a knack of seizing opportunities that others don’t see, displaying the vision to develop a business and the courage to launch it.

However, additional skills and capability are often needed to turn great business ideas into commercial success stories.

Platform 1 finds the complementary talent to work with you full-time to help drive the business forward. This person will have different skills from you, typically honed from experience in a much larger business.

With real skin in the game, they’ll also often sacrifice a larger salary for the opportunity to purchase a share in your business. The level of equity you sell to them is up to you and detailed in a Memorandum of Understanding.

We ensure successful partial ownership transition via three key principles:

  1. The right person is found. We use the combined executive search experience and knowledge of the Platform 1 partners to identify the senior leader with the right talent to grow the business, access to equity and any other characteristics needed to work well with the owner.
  2. Selling equity on the right terms. Underpinning every solution is a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the terms of purchase. Having worked with many owners, we know how to represent terms that work for both sides. As a result, you get access to someone of significant skill and experience who can add tangible value to the bottom line.
  3. Apply a high-level transition service. Critical to success is setting up a transition board made up of the incoming Business Partner, transitioning owner and a Platform 1 representative.  The role of the transition board is to maintain focus on the Memorandum of Understanding and ensure the transition is smooth and successful.This involves monthly meetings between the three parties


  • Get the investment funds and capability needed to moving your business to the next level
  • As the Enterprise Value grows any future equity offered is based on that new Enterprise Value
  • You keep working in the business doing what you enjoy and are great at. But the load is shared with a talented manager who has commercialisation expertise to help achieve your vision

Each business owner's goals are different and unique - as will be your Platform 1 programme.