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Find a Business Partner To Help Grow Your Business


Entrepreneurs have a knack for seizing opportunities that others don’t see, displaying the vision to develop a business and the courage to launch it.

However, additional complementary skills and capabilities are often needed to turn great business ideas into commercial success stories.

For a medium-sized private business simply finding a salaried GM is often not the answer. “skin in the game” is the key ingredient to ensure you get  a higher calibre person. They’ll also often sacrifice a larger salary for the opportunity to buy into your business and won’t just leave for a bigger pay check.You can’t compete on salary with corporate businesses.

Platform 1 finds the complementary talent to work with you full-time to help drive the business forward. This person will have different skills from you, typically honed from experience in a much larger business. With real ‘skin in the game”, they are vested in the business and share your growth aspirations.


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