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Find A Business Partner and Exit Your Business While It Grows

In the past, most business owners wanting to sell were unaware of the alternatives and opted for an outright sale.

Today, your options are far greater, and a gradual sell down can often be the best solution.

Platform 1 finds a talented leader to help grow the business in value and buy in as part of a structured gradual transition.This allows you to free up time and cash, grow your wealth and do the things you really want.

What are the benefits? A gradual sell-down:

  • Lets you step back and focus on other interests (within or outside the business) and make some cash available
  • Optimises the value of the business while reducing risk
  • Often turns the business from a short-term asset to exit from into a profitable medium-or long-term investment

We work with business owners to ensure a plan gets created that fulfils your goals and is then implemented over time to the benefit of both parties.

The three principles

Every successful gradual sell down features three attributes, each of which calls for specialist skills. Here they are, and here’s what we bring to each:

  1. The right person is found. We use the combined executive search experience and knowledge of the Platform 1 partners to identify the senior leader with the right talent, access to equity and any other characteristics needed to grow business value and work well with the transitioning owner. As you can imagine, this is a significantly more complex exercise than a standard executive search.
  2. Equity is offered on the right terms. Underpinning every solution is a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines terms including the purchase of equity. Having worked with many owners, we know how to represent terms that work for both parties allowing you to secure a person of considerable skill and experience able to add value to the bottom line.
  3. Apply a high-level transition service. Critical to success is setting up a transition board made up of the incoming Business Partner, transitioning owner and a Platform 1 representative.  The role of the transition board is to maintain focus on the Memorandum of Understanding and ensure the transition is smooth and successful.This involves monthly meetings between the three parties.

Bottom line: Platform 1 partners with you and stays involved through every stage of equity transition.


  • Enjoy a lifestyle outside the business with ongoing and growing income, plus have free cash.
  • Continue to work in the business doing what you enjoy, while sharing the load with a talented manager who continues to grow the company.
  • As the Enterprise Value of your business grows, any future equity offered is based on the revised Enterprise Value. That’s pure upside.
  • See your business go from strength to strength with carefully selected new management.
  • Gain greater wealth than through an outright sale.

Every business owner's goals are unique - as will your Platform 1 programme be.