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Find A Business Partner and Exit Your Business While It Grows

In the past, most business owners contemplating a business exit were unaware of the alternatives and opted for an outright sale. This is not the right approach for every business owner, so it’s important you review all the succession options.

Today, your options are far greater, and a gradual sell-down can have a significant upside if your business has growth potential.

How does Business Owner Transition work?

Using executive search techniques, Platform 1 finds talented and entrepreneurial leaders with capital who are interested in your business.

Through a competitive selection process, you get to choose the right person who becomes your Business Partner and starts working in your business to help grow it. They begin buying in as part of a structured gradual transition. There is governance and a process wrapped around the transition to ensure its success.

We work with business owners to ensure a plan gets created that fulfils your goals and is then implemented over time to benefit both parties.

What are the business owner benefits of a gradual sell-down?


  • Enjoy a lifestyle outside the business with ongoing and growing income, plus have free cash.
  • Continue to work in the business doing what you enjoy while sharing the load with a talented manager who continues to grow the company.
  • As the value of your business grows, any future equity offered is based on the revised value. You continue to receive dividends and higher capital payments.
  • See your business go from strength to strength with carefully selected new leadership.
  • Gain greater wealth than through an outright sale.

Every business owner's goals are unique - as is your ownership transition plan.

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