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A gradual sale process to a talented new leader as the owner steps back over time to focus on other initiatives or interests often proves to be a better path to optimising value and reducing risk. Your existing business could remain the best medium or long-term investment you can make, with reduced daily involvement needed from you.

Outright sales don’t always achieve this and many businesses advertised for sale don’t actually sell, let alone secure the owner the price they need to maximise their lifestyle. Sometimes the owner just closes the door and walks away after years of hard work.

While an advertised sale process used to be one of the only exit options this is fortunately no longer the case.

Our track record of success has allowed owners to reap rewards both personal and financial over an extended period, and far in excess of what they could have achieved through an outright business sale. Business owners can:

  • Enjoy a lifestyle outside the business with ongoing and growing income, plus have free cash.
  • Continue to work in the business doing what they are particularly good at and enjoy, but sharing the load with a talented manager who continues to grow the company.
  • Step back to an advisory role and enjoy watching the business go from strength to strength under new management.
  • Exit completely over time, but increase their return substantially, while maintaining an interim income.

Not exiting but want to grow? What’s often required is fresh talent with capital working alongside you in your business. Through a search process Platform 1 finds the right person to partner you and success can far exceed what you thought possible.

Each business owner's goals are different and unique - as will be your Platform 1 programme.