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11 Reasons Why a Business Partner Could Be An Exit Option

  • Jul 04, 2022

Under a Business Owner Transition an entrepreneurial person will be attracted by the equity component, not salary and is will have come from a higher-paying senior role. This will generally be in a much larger business. You will get someone who :

  1. Works like an owner, not an employee.
  2. Can inject some capital for business growth.
  3. Has been exposed to transferable processes and training in the business world that can be introduced into your business.
  4. Will be more experienced and have a higher skill-set than an employee.
  5. Won’t just leave if they get offered a higher salary elsewhere.
  6. Gives you the confidence to take a break from the business and have a lifestyle.
  7. Will allow you to work on the parts of the business you enjoy and are good at.
  8. Can form part of your succession plan.
  9. Will bring skills and fresh thinking to grow your business.
  10. Will know how to harness technology to grow your business.
  11. Can increase your wealth as you keep getting dividends as well as capital payments from any further tranches of equity.



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