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Why a Gradual Business Exit?

Why a Gradual Business Exit?

Many business owners are left frustrated with the outcomes of an outright sale process. If the business does in fact sell they often don't get the value they expected and can the new owner help maintain your legacy ?

What are the business owner benefits of a gradual sell-down?


  • Enjoy a lifestyle outside the business with ongoing and growing income, plus have free cash.
  • Continue to work in the business doing what you enjoy, while sharing the load with a talented manager who continues to grow the company.
  • As the Value of your business grows, any future equity offered is based on the revised value. You continue to receive dividends and higher capital payments.
  • See your business go from strength to strength with carefully selected new leadership.
  • Maintain your legacy
  • Gain greater wealth than through an outright sale.

Every business owner's goals are unique - as will your Platform 1 programme be.