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Digital Marketing Space

Digital Marketing Space

  • Jan 18, 2021

The Situation:

This Client has operated their business in the digital marketing space very successfully for over 15 years.

The Challenge:

The owner was approaching retirement age and had decided that he had had enough of full-time involvement and was considering an outright exit. This created a “fire sale” situation and one that the owner, because of his eagerness to step back, was initially willing to consider.

The Opportunity:

Following a review of the business by Platform 1, including its growth potential, the Platform 1 Ownership Model was seen to be a good option to the owner.

 Platform 1 searched the market and found a group of people who were excited by the opportunity to purchase a business gradually over time. Each of these prospective business partners had the background and finances to make it work.

The Result:

One was appointed as Business Partner and purchased his first and second tranche of equity over recent years and is now is a 50% shareholder.

He has grown the business substantially and added a significant value to the bottom line. The client now works 3 days a week and has been able to take extended holidays knowing the business is in good hands. 

The Business Partner is planning to purchase the remaining shares over the next 2 years with the incremental growth in sales and revenue resulting in strong dividends and capital growth for the original owner.

Click on the link below to see a short video from the owner.

Platform 1 Digital Video Testimonial